Irony Rains still working on a new album! 

So, we are still in the works for a new album...we have been working on it for quite a while.  I have so many irons in the fire that I just never get a ton of time to work on music.  I have plans this winter to try and hunker down, and atleast get one song completely done and album ready.  Hopefully I can get more accomplished, but we will try and stick with this small goal.

It's been almost a year since the last blog post! 

Things have been goin kinda crazy lately.  we've added a ton of new material to our roster, and we are really pumped to put out a new album, we've already begun work on it, and things are movin along just fine.  This saturday we are playing at Kids walking for kids event for chads coalition.  you can check out the event at  It will be a great event, and its for a good cause :)  .  I hope to have a good turn out there, its always good to see tons of people supporting charity events.  Stay tuned for new material to be coming out soon.  It's been awhile since we put out an Album, but its never to late!  :)

thanks guys,
Irony Rains

Shows have been great, and the new tunes are a Flowin! 

We've got a brand new original song that we just recently introduced at our last show, and it was a hit!  We had a lot of people show up for the stagger inn show, and we want to thank everyone for coming and supporting our musical creativity!    On another note, we are working on a cool new band logo.  So if anyone is an artist and has any cool ideas for our logo just let us know and we will provide you any information that you might need.  Though we may be musically talented, we lack the artistic ability to create a cool logo or design for the website and possibly T-shirts!    You can send us an email by going to the contact us tab, and we can work on getting a cool new logo for Irony Rains.  Thanks alot for the help and support.  keep your eyes on the event page for more shows coming soon!!


Thanks for coming out to the Stagger Show! 

I wanted to thank everyone for coming out to the stagger show!  We had a great time playing our set, and we had a lot of good responses to our cover of Devil Went Down to Georgia.for anyone who is interested, we are playing again this thursday at stagger.  we will be doing our normal set, and I will follow with playing covers for the rest of the night.  I also want to thank all of the people who showed interest in our new CD, your support is well appreciated.  Keep an eye open for our next shows, and i hope to see everyone again! 

On another note, I have been working on new music that we will hopefully have prepared for one of our next shows.  We will definately let you know when we plan on introducing new music to the mix.


This is Our/My very first Blog! 

Josh here! So instead of talking about my life experiences and happenings, which I may one day accidentally do..., I would like to welcome you to the new Irony Rains Website!! Yay!.....I am working on getting a lot of things posted for the site, like various you tube videos, and more band info like shows and what not. The youtube videos are somewhat old, and when I say old I mean the newest video was probably from a year ago.
      First item to note, I have terrible grammar, so please excuse my poor writing skills. I am hoping that writing in this blog will in some way help to improve my writing skills. I will be doing a significant amount of writing next semester for my master’s thesis.
      Second item to note, I am an extremely busy person with school and work. I know that a lot of college students are super busy as well, and I totally feel your pain. It is a challenge to find time to work on band stuff let alone finding time to sleep. My new year’s resolution is to try and find more time for the band. I am not sure if my schedule will permit it, but I guess I will have to wait and see what happens.
      Third item to note, I have been imitating “Flight of the Concords”, which in my opinion is the best TV show ever! I hope that people will leave some comments once this site is officially up and running and I hope that people will enjoy reading the silly little blogs that we as a band write. Till next time!

Irony Rains

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