About Us

     Irony Rains began playing music in 2008 with just two members (Josh Davis and Alicia Clayton).  Josh Davis sings and plays guitar, and Alicia Clayton plays violin and sings.  After a year of playing acoustic gigs, this dynamic duo changed pace by adding a bass player (Derek Jackson) and a drummer (Bruce McLaughlin).  This Four piece band played gigs all over the St. Louis area, including:  Alton Amphitheater, St. Marys's Oktoberfest, and many more!   
      Irony Rains has just recently released a new self titled Album, and is ready to show the world what good music sounds like.  Since the recent addition of guitarist Philip Klostermann and Andrew Davis, the band is preparing to take the St. Louis area by storm with their new repertoire of music and good looks.